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Warung Kupi - cangkurah usulan hanyar   kirim tupik hanyar
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Bagian ngini gasan mamandirakan hal-hal teknis wan maajuakan permintaan bantuan gasan hal-hal nang balum tabuat di tungkaran patulung.

Ingati, lah, bari tanda tangan wan tanggal pada uncit pasan Pian lawan cara mangatikakan ~~~~. Harap manambahakan tupik hanyar wastu di bagian bawah laman ngini.

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Warung Kopi
Bulik ka atas

hp?title=VisualEditor/Newsletter/Wikis_with_VE&oldid=14334116 -->

VisualEditor News #6—2015[babak asal-mulanya]

Elitre (WMF), 25 Disimbir 2015 07.06 (ICT)

Banjar is missing[babak asal-mulanya]

Banjar is missing from this page:
More than 100 languages are now listed.
Thank you, Varlaam (pandir) 1 Pibuari 2016 11.56 (ICT)

VisualEditor News #1—2016[babak asal-mulanya]

Elitre (WMF), 27 Pibuari 2016 03.21 (ICT)

Compact Links coming soon to this wiki[babak asal-mulanya]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Hello, I wanted to give a heads up about an upcoming feature for this wiki, which you may already seen in the latest issue of Tech News. Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). This will be enabled as a feature in the coming week for all users, which can be turned on or off using a preference setting. We look forward to your feedback and please do let us know if you have any questions. Details about Compact Language Links can be read in the project documentation.

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk) 24 Juni 2016 21.01 (ICT)

Compact Language Links enabled in this wiki today[babak asal-mulanya]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). Based on several factors, this shorter list of languages is expected to be more relevant for them and valuable for finding similar content in a language known to them. More information about compact language links can be found in the documentation.

From today onwards, compact language links has been enabled as the default listing of interlanguage links on this wiki. However, using the button at the bottom, you will be able to see a longer list of all the languages the article has been written in. The setting for this compact list can be changed by using the checkbox under User Preferences -> Appearance -> Languages

The compact language links feature has been tested extensively by the Wikimedia Language team, which developed it. However, in case there are any problems or other feedback please let us know on the project talk page. It is to be noted that on some wikis the presence of an existing older gadget that was used for a similar purpose may cause an interference for compact language list. We would like to bring this to the attention of the admins of this wiki. Full details are on this phabricator ticket (in English).

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-28 Juni 2016 11.21 (ICT)

Editing News #2—2016[babak asal-mulanya]

m:User:Elitre (WMF), 4 Juli 2016 00.20 (ICT)

Editing News #3—2016[babak asal-mulanya]

16 Uktubir 2016 00.50 (ICT)

JavaScript error[babak asal-mulanya]

Hi, everyone. As you may or may not know, there are JavaScript errors on this project. The errors are TypeError: Cannot read property 'getParamValue' of undefined and TypeError: $.cookie is not a function. To fix this,
needs to be replaced with
mw.loader.using( 'mediawiki.util', function() {
} );

in MediaWiki:Common.js. Please note that it appears more than once.

To fix the second error,
needs to be replaced with AdvancedSiteNotices[ResourceLoader|default|dependencies=jquery.cookie]|AdvancedSiteNotices.js
on MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition.

Pinging some admins: Ezagren, Riemogerz.

Feel free to ping me if you need help or have any questions. Nirmos (pandir) 15 Mai 2017 07.19 (ICT)
@Nirmos: It has been replaced. Please check.
Here, in Banjar Wikipedia, there is a problem when you want to edit, i.e. this (below editing page) can't be clicked. Can you solve the problem? Ezagren (kirim pasan) 18 Mai 2017 22.17 (ICT)
Ezagren: Now the error is JavaScript parse error: Parse error: Syntax error in file 'MediaWiki:Common.js' on line 113 because you removed a { and forgot to add } ); in Special:Diff/56608. Nirmos (pandir) 19 Mai 2017 01.33 (+07)
Ezagren: Do you need in help with fixing this? Could you start with rolling back to Special:PermanentLink/54315 and then we can make the necessary changes together to make sure it is correct? Nirmos (pandir) 23 Mai 2017 13.22 (+07)

New notification when a page is connected to Wikidata[babak asal-mulanya]

Hello all,

(Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda)

The Wikidata development team is about to deploy a new feature on all Wikipedias. It is a new type of notification (via Echo, the notification system you see at the top right of your wiki when you are logged in), that will inform the creator of a page, when this page is connected to a Wikidata item.

You may know that Wikidata provides a centralized system for all the interwikilinks. When a new page is created, it should be connected to the corresponding Wikidata item, by modifying this Wikidata item. With this new notification, editors creating pages will be informed when another editor connects this page to Wikidata.

Screenshot Echo Wikibase notification.png

This feature will be deployed on May 30th on all the Wikipedias, excepting English, French and German. This feature will be disable by default for existing editors, and enabled by default for new editors.

This is the first step of the deployments, the Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects will follow in the next months.

If you have any question, suggestion, please let me know by pinging me. You can also follow and leave a comment on the Phabricator ticket.

Thanks go to Matěj Suchánek who developed this feature!

Terima kasih! Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talk)

Hi, you are invited to participate in the discussion on the proposal to make a banner through m: centralnotice to inform more people around the world about what the Turkish government has done about Wikipedia, ie all the language versions of Wikipedia are You are obscured, so in Turkey it is impossible to view the * site. To hope that the Turkish government will remove the block, it is necessary to raise awareness of this fact around the world because it is important to succeed in this mission because Wikipedia can not be seen in Turkey. With this message also for those interested, I invite him to sign the Wikimedian appeal.

If you have any questions or questions do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks best regards. --Samuele2002 (Talk!) 19 Mai 2017 00.55 (ICT)

Update on page issues on mobile web[babak asal-mulanya]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda Hi everyone. The Readers web team has recently begun working on exposing issue templates on the mobile website. Currently, details about issues with page content are generally hidden on the mobile website. This leaves readers unaware of the reliability of the pages they are reading. The goal of this project is to improve awareness of particular issues within an article on the mobile web. We will do this by changing the visual styling of page issues.

So far, we have drafted a proposal on the design and implementation of the project. We were also able to run user testing on the proposed designs. The tests so far have positive results. Here is a quick summary of what we learned:

  • The new treatment increases awareness of page issues among participants. This is true particularly when they are in a more evaluative/critical mode.
  • Page issues make sense to readers and they understand how they work
  • Readers care about page issues and consider them important
  • Readers had overwhelmingly positive sentiments towards Wikipedia associated with learning about page issues

Our next step would be to start implementing these changes. We wanted to reach out to you for any concerns, thoughts, and suggestions you might have before beginning development. Please visit the project page where we have more information and mockups of how this may look. Please leave feedback on the talk page.

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 13 Juni 2018 03.58 (ICT)

Enabling a helpful feature for Template editors[babak asal-mulanya]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 7 Agustus 2018 04.28 (ICT)

Wikidata changes now also appear in enhanced recent changes[babak asal-mulanya]

Hello, and sorry to write this message in English. You can help translating it.

Starting from today, you will be able to display Wikidata changes in both modes of the recent changes and the watchlist.

Read and translate the full message

Terima kasih! Lea Lacroix (WMDE) 29 Juni 2017 15.33 (ICT)

(wrong target page? you can fix it here)

Improved search in deleted pages archive[babak asal-mulanya]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

During Wikimedia Hackathon 2016, the Discovery team worked on one of the items on the 2015 community wishlist, namely enabling searching the archive of deleted pages. This feature is now ready for production deployment, and will be enabled on all wikis, except Wikidata.

Right now, the feature is behind a feature flag - to use it on your wiki, please go to the Special:Undelete page, and add &fuzzy=1 to the URL, like this: Then search for the pages you're interested in. There should be more results than before, due to using ElasticSearch indexing (via the CirrusSearch extension).

We plan to enable this improved search by default on all wikis soon (around August 1, 2017). If you have any objections to this - please raise them with the Discovery team via email or on this announcement's discussion page. Like most Mediawiki configuration parameters, the functionality can be configured per wiki. Once the improved search becomes the default, you can still access the old mode using &fuzzy=0 in the URL, like this:

Please note that since Special:Undelete is an admin-only feature, this search capability is also only accessible to wiki admins.

Terima kasih! CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 26 Juli 2017 01.39 (ICT)

IMPORTANT: Admin activity review[babak asal-mulanya]

Sorry for posting in English, but we have no translation in Banjar; you can translate this notice for future notifications.

Hello. A policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc. ) was adopted by global community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on all Wikimedia Foundation wikis with no inactivity policy. To the best of our knowledge, your wiki does not have a formal process for removing "advanced rights" from inactive accounts. This means that the stewards will take care of this according to the admin activity review.

We have determined that the following users meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for more than 2 years):

  1. User:Riemogerz

These users will receive a notification soon, asking them to start a community discussion if they want to retain some or all of their rights. If the users do not respond, then their advanced rights will be removed by the stewards.

However, if you as a community would like to create your own activity review process superseding the global one, want to make another decision about these inactive rights holders, or already have a policy that we missed, then please notify the stewards on Meta-Wiki so that we know not to proceed with the rights review on your wiki. Thanks, --MarcoAurelio (pandir) 10 Januari 2018 04.04 (ICT)

Editing News #1—2018[babak asal-mulanya]

3 Marit 2018 03.56 (ICT)

Editing News #2—2018[babak asal-mulanya]

2 Nupimbir 2018 21.16 (ICT)

Multilingual Shared Templates and Modules[babak asal-mulanya]

Hello bjnwiki community! (Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda)

I recently organized a project to share templates and modules between wikis. It allows modules and templates to be “language-neutral”, and store all text translations on Commons. This means that it is enough to copy/paste a template without any changes, and update the translations separately. If someone fixes a bug or adds a new feature in the original module, you can copy/paste it again without any translation work. My bot DiBabelYurikBot can help with copying. This way users can spend more time on content, and less time on updating and copying templates. Please see project page for details and ask questions on talk page.

P.S. I am currently running for the Wikimedia board, focusing on content and support of multi-language communities. If you liked my projects like maps, graphs, or this one, I will be happy to receive your support. (any registered user group can vote). Thank you! --Yurik (talk) 11 Mai 2019 12.51 (ICT)

Ruang nama (namespace) Lawang[babak asal-mulanya]

Saya melihat ruang nama portal mulai dilokalkan menjadi lawang, namun ada 1 hal yang perlu diketahui bersama. Di dalam Wikipedia Banjar belum ada ruang nama portal/lawang. Selama ini portal/lawang menggunakan ruang nama utama yang biasanya dipakai untuk artikel. Untuk itu saya usulkan agar di dibuatkan ruang nama portal/lawang bagi Wikipedia Banjar ini dengan mengusulkannya ke Phabricator. Mungkin Mas @Ezagren: dan Pak @Mnam23: ada masukan? Nanti kesimpulan dari diskusi ini jika memungkinkan akan saya sampaikan ke Phabricator jua. Salam Wirjadisastra (pandir) 17 Mai 2019 19.54 (ICT)

Saya rasa hal tersebut sangat bagus. Saya sendiri cukup lelah menggunakan ruang nama utama. Namun, saya tidak tahu cara mengusulkannya, mengingat saya juga pengguna biasa. Mnam23 (pandir) 18 Mai 2019 20.52 (ICT)
mas @Wirjadisastra: bisa membantu untuk mengusulkannya? Saya sepakat agar dibuatkan segera. Ezagren (kirim pasan) 20 Mai 2019 08.56 (ICT)

Marakis sabagai pambakal antarmuha[babak asal-mulanya]

Maraga kagiatan di WBB nang samagin maningkat, ulun handak maajuakan diri saurang sabagai pangurus atawa pambakal antarmuha di bjn gasan mambaiki'i hal-hal téknis cagar mamudahakan gawi mambabak wan lain-lain. Ezagren (kirim pasan) 20 Mai 2019 13.22 (ICT)

Manjatu suara[babak asal-mulanya]

Wikidata Bridge: edit Wikidata’s data from Wikipedia infoboxes[babak asal-mulanya]

Basa Banjar atawa Banjar[babak asal-mulanya]

Sahubungan lawan babarapa Wikipidia basa banua lain nangkaya Jawa wan Minangkabau nang mangganti autonim bahasa Jawa manjadi Jawa, bahaso Minangkabau manjadi Minangkabau, kikira manurut pandapat Pian, apakah kita umpatan jua? Lamun iya, kita bisa haja maubahinya manjadi "Banjar" haja, jadi tarasa labih handap. Tapi ada satu nang tarasa ganjal, sualnya Banjar itu banyak maknanya lamun dilihat wayah ini, kawa barupa suku bangsa, istilah di Bali, wan ngaran kota di Jawa Barat. Lamun sakiranya handak baubah, kaya apa? Ezagren (kirim pasan) 12 Juli 2019 10.20 (ICT)

Pandapat[babak asal-mulanya]

  • Banjarmasin aja langsung krna mslkan Banjar sma lwan daerah yg ada d'provinsi lain tapi klau Banjarmasin itu org luar daerah psti tau klau kta org Banjar dngn bahasa Banjar na – kumintar kadada tanda tangan ini dibariakan ulih (pandirkontrib) .
Ini maksudnya lain identitas kota, tapi kita pakai identitas bahasa, apakah handak "Basa Banjar" atawa "Banjar" haja, gasan di Wikipidia. Ezagren (kirim pasan) 13 Juli 2019 07.52 (ICT)
  • hakun ai , kada ingat tanda "hakun"

Suara[babak asal-mulanya]

  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Banjar", banjar aja sudah cukup karena dari kata banjar ini orang pasti berpikir wiki ini dari banjar dan berbahasa banjar Amang99 (pandir) 24 Juli 2019 19.29 (+07)
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Banjar" RieMogerZ 15 Juli 2019 08.00 (ICT) -- Amun gasan Brand baik nang handap haja. Wikipedia Banjar, nang maksudnya manyambatakan Wikipedia bahasa Banjar. Istilah wahini tu jadi simple.
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Basa Banjar", araha nang di navbar higa natap Basa Banjar, tapi judul wikinya barang dihandapi jadi Wikipidia Banjar Mnam23 (pandir) 20 Juli 2019 13.12 (ICT)
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Basa Banjar", ulun lebih mamilih pakai "basa banjar" supaya labih kaliahatan jua identitas wikipidia kita – kumintar kadada tanda tangan ini dibariakan ulih Volstand (pandirkontrib) .
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Banjar" , supaya lebih simpel banar ai :v – kumintar kadada tanda tangan ini dibariakan ulih Muhammad Faisal Ansari (pandirkontrib) .
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Basa Banjar", Fikrizero sekira nyaman lawan jua Basa nih ada jua tulisannya dikenal urg – kumintar kadada tanda tangan ini dibariakan ulih Fikrizero (pandirkontrib) .
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Basa Banjar", mun banjar aja tuh luas konteksnya bisa daerah bisa bahasa jua jadinya rancu, pakai basa nyaman jelas kalo itu tuh bahasa banjarEsa Gita Shandy (pandir) 23 Juli 2019 13.15 (+07)
  • Hakun Hakun pakai "Basa Banjar", supaya kawa membedakan banjar banua lawan banjar-banjar lainnya Raxota (pandir) 25 Juli 2019 16.58 (ICT)
  • Hakun Hakun pakai Banjar haja, tapi rasanya ada jua Banjar lainnya, etnik Banjar di India.Alamnirvana (pandir)

Editing News #1—July 2019[babak asal-mulanya]

24 Juli 2019 01.32 (ICT)

  1. Citakan ngintu kada responsive, malalar taka higa nang maulah kada bungas gasan diitih.
  2. Wikipidia Banjar nginih "malalain", marga Wikipidia dairah lain kadada nang mamasang citakan kaya ngintu lagi.
  3. Pandiran ulun lawan pambakal Wikipidia Banjar Ezagren, sidin hudah hakun citakan ngintu dihapus, tapi ulun masih mahandaki kasapakatan matan pamakai nang lain supaya kada tarucau.

Mnafisalmukhdi1 (pandir) 24 Uktubir 2019 19.03 (+07)

Nang hakun[babak asal-mulanya]

  1. Hakun Hakun Ezagren (kirim pasan) 30 Disimbir 2019 08.26 (+07)
  2. Hakun HakunAlamnirvana (pandir) 30 Disimbir 2019 22.06 (+07)

Nang kada[babak asal-mulanya]

Pandapat nang lain[babak asal-mulanya]

Editing News #2 – Mobile editing and talk pages[babak asal-mulanya]

29 Uktubir 2019 18.12 (+07)

Wikipedia Asian Month 2019[babak asal-mulanya]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

WAM logo without text.svg

Wikipedia Asian Month is back! We wish you all the best of luck for the contest. The basic guidelines of the contest can be found on your local page of Wikipedia Asian Month. For more information, refer to our Meta page for organizers.

Looking forward to meet the next ambassadors for Wikipedia Asian Month 2019!

For additional support for organizing offline event, contact our international team on wiki or on email. We would appreciate the translation of this message in the local language by volunteer translators. Thank you!

Wikipedia Asian Month International Team.

MediaWiki message delivery (pandir) 31 Uktubir 2019 23.57 (+07)

Extension of Wikipedia Asian Month contest[babak asal-mulanya]

In consideration of a week-long internet block in Iran, Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 contest has been extended for a week past November. The articles submitted till 7th December 2019, 23:59 UTC will be accepted by the fountain tools of the participating wikis.

Please help us translate and spread this message in your local language.

Wikipedia Asian Month International Team

--MediaWiki message delivery (pandir) 27 Nupimbir 2019 21.16 (+07)

Wiki Loves Folklore[babak asal-mulanya]

WLL Subtitled Logo (transparent).svg

Hello Folks,

Wiki Loves Love is back again in 2020 iteration as Wiki Loves Folklore from 1 February, 2020 - 29 February, 2020. Join us to celebrate the local cultural heritage of your region with the theme of folklore in the international photography contest at Wikimedia Commons. Images, videos and audios representing different forms of folk cultures and new forms of heritage that haven’t otherwise been documented so far are welcome submissions in Wiki Loves Folklore. Learn more about the contest at Meta-Wiki and Commons.

Kind regards,
Wiki Loves Folklore International Team
— Tulsi Bhagat (contribs | talk)
sent using MediaWiki message delivery (pandir) 18 Januari 2020 13.14 (+07)

Editing news 2020 #1 – Discussion tools[babak asal-mulanya]

9 April 2020 02.24 (+07)

Editing news 2020 #2[babak asal-mulanya]

18 Juni 2020 03.32 (+07)

Editing news 2020 #3[babak asal-mulanya]

9 Juli 2020 19.55 (+07)

Wadah ngaran Portal wan Portal talk kadada di Wikipidia Banjar[babak asal-mulanya]

Panjatuan suara lanjutan[babak asal-mulanya]

Berita Teknis: 2022-26[babak asal-mulanya]

28 Juni 2022 03.00 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-27[babak asal-mulanya]

5 Juli 2022 02.30 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-28[babak asal-mulanya]

12 Juli 2022 02.22 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-29[babak asal-mulanya]

19 Juli 2022 05.58 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-30[babak asal-mulanya]

26 Juli 2022 02.25 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-31[babak asal-mulanya]

2 Agustus 2022 04.19 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-32[babak asal-mulanya]

9 Agustus 2022 02.48 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-33[babak asal-mulanya]

16 Agustus 2022 04.06 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-34[babak asal-mulanya]

23 Agustus 2022 07.09 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-35[babak asal-mulanya]

30 Agustus 2022 06.02 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-36[babak asal-mulanya]

6 Siptimbir 2022 06.19 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-37[babak asal-mulanya]

13 Siptimbir 2022 08.47 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-38[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 20 Siptimbir 2022 05.13 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-39[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 27 Siptimbir 2022 07.27 (+07)

Tech News: 2022-40[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 4 Uktubir 2022 07.21 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-41[babak asal-mulanya]

10 Uktubir 2022 21.06 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-42[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 18 Uktubir 2022 04.44 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-43[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 25 Uktubir 2022 04.20 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-44[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 1 Nupimbir 2022 04.13 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-45[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 8 Nupimbir 2022 07.29 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-46[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 15 Nupimbir 2022 04.52 (+07)

Tech News: 2022-47[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 22 Nupimbir 2022 06.19 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-48[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 29 Nupimbir 2022 03.00 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-49[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 6 Disimbir 2022 07.39 (+07)

Tech News: 2022-50[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 13 Disimbir 2022 06.32 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2022-51[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 20 Disimbir 2022 06.58 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2023-02[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 10 Januari 2023 08.05 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2023-03[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 17 Januari 2023 08.08 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2023-04[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 24 Januari 2023 06.43 (+07)

Berita Teknis: 2023-05[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 31 Januari 2023 07.03 (+07)

Satilan waktu[babak asal-mulanya]

Jadi kaini, ada urang nang mandapati amun situs Wikipidia Banjar ni satilan waktunya lain waktu Indunisia Tangah (WITA/UTC+8), tapi Waktu Indunisia Barat (WIB/UTC+7) wan ini sudah balangsung lawas, babaya 12 tahun. Jadi ulun handak minta saran Pian, akur haja kah lamun satilan Wikipidia Banjar ni jadi UTC+8 (Asia/Makassar)? Ezagren (kirim pasan) 6 Pibuari 2023 16.14 (+07)

Pandapat[babak asal-mulanya]

Tech News: 2023-06[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 6 Pibuari 2023 17.18 (+07)

Tech News: 2023-07[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 14 Pibuari 2023 09.46 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-08[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 21 Pibuari 2023 09.55 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Tech News: 2023-09[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 28 Pibuari 2023 07.45 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Tech News: 2023-10[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 7 Marit 2023 07.47 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-11[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 14 Marit 2023 07.17 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-12[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 21 Marit 2023 09.24 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-13[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 28 Marit 2023 09.11 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-14[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 4 April 2023 07.37 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Tech News: 2023-15[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 11 April 2023 04.03 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-16[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 18 April 2023 09.52 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-17[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 25 April 2023 06.01 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-18[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 2 Mai 2023 09.43 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-19[babak asal-mulanya]

MediaWiki message delivery 9 Mai 2023 08.34 (WITA)Balas[balas]

Berita Teknis: 2023-20[babak asal-mulanya]

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Berita Teknis: 2023-21[babak asal-mulanya]

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