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Requests for a bot flag[babak asal mulanya]

Xqbot[babak asal mulanya]

Xqbot doesn't know how to do (well) its so-called "cosmetic changes" (actually a kind of vandalism), but it is a "global bot". I don't want to see here these so-called "cosmetic changes". --Budelberger 22:35, 31 Uktubir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (ArthurBot, TXiKiBoT, VolkovBot... are good bots.)

The discussion is not about Xqbot, but about the local bot policy. Carsrac 16:58, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
But local bot policy will give rights to the worst bot I've ever seen, Xqbot. --Budelberger 17:12, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (ArthurBot, TXiKiBoT, VolkovBot and a few other are good bots.)
Budelberger, please stop stalking me. Xqt 20:48, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Are you, you : Xqt, Xqbot ? No. I'm talking about the worst bot I've ever seen, your bot ; why have you deactivated "your" so-called "cosmetic changes" on simple.Wp if in your poor own opinion -- removing categorizing templates, etc. -- they are correct ?... --Budelberger 21:27, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (Because DJSasso has the power to block it on simple. Alas ! ty, cdo, hak and poor other Wikipedias don't have a clever DJSasso to stop vandalisms.) (Ask TXiKi or Volkov to teach you how good first quality bots work well.)
If you have any remarks according the bot please use our bug tracker. Since I am member of the development group and mw coder I am interested fixing errors if there are some. But unqualified statements are not very helpful in this matter. (eod) Xqt 22:10, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Xqt, We must be patient to face this user. Ezagren bapandir 22:22, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
The end of your message was deleted... : "...until I have sysop access to block Him !"... --Budelberger 04:59, 2 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg).
« Actually it's not our responsibility, it's that of the bot runner to make sure there are no bugs. »… Stop your so-called « cosmetic changes » everywhere, not only in this Happy Wikipedia, Simple ! --Budelberger 22:24, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (DJSasso has told you all I have to say about defaultsort, categorizing template, etc.)
Actually cosmetic changes bot is well accepted at Indonesian Wikipedia. (I am also a cosmetic changes bot owner; nowadays that script is buggy so I stop it for a while) Kenrick95 22:42, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
The standard policy does only allow interwiki and redirect bots. Cosmetic change bots are not automaticly allowed by the policy. Carsrac 01:35, 2 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Well, well, well... So, Welcome here to Xqtbot ! --Budelberger 04:59, 2 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg).
Ignore Budelberger, he is a cross-wiki troll. Xqt is a valuable member of any community. -Djsasso 03:12, 28 Januari 2011 (ICT)

A local bot flag is no longer needed. This is a global bot, and this wiki recently enabled global bots. —Pathoschild 23:20:56, 21 Pibuari 2011 (UTC)

TjBot[babak asal mulanya]

I request a bot flag for TjBot

.. Contributions in all Wikimedia projects see here. Flags and edit counter in other projects see here.

— Tjmoel Icons-flag-id.png bicara 18:05, 27 Nupimbir 2010 (UTC)

A local bot flag is no longer needed. This is a global bot, and this wiki recently enabled global bots. —Pathoschild 23:21:47, 21 Pibuari 2011 (UTC)

Mjbmrbot[babak asal mulanya]

  • Operator : Mjbmr
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s) : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary : Interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N) : Yes, see here
  • Function Details : Just interwikis, thanks

Mjbmr 23:20, 28 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

Done --Mav 05:15, 19 Disimbir 2010 (ICT)

HiW-Bot[babak asal mulanya]

  • Operator : Hedwig in Washington
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic
  • Programming Language(s) : Python (pywikipedia), daily update
  • Function Summary : Interwiki, Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel-Category so it can be used properly and easy. Double redirects will be added shortly
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N) : Yes: DE, EN, FR, SL, AR, NL, TH, UDM, TT, NN, KA, DA, BE-X-OLD, BAT-SMG, ARZ and LB, others pending. see here
  • Function Details : just using the standard; parameters: -auto -all - log -catr

I humbly request bot status on this wiki in order to update Interwiki, and improve Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel so it can be used properly and easy by everyone.

Thank you for consideration! --Hedwig in Washington 10:17, 6 Siptimbir 2011 (ICT)

Botrie[babak asal mulanya]

I request a bot flag for Botrie

  • Bot operator: user:Riemogerz
  • List of botflags on other projects:
  • Purpose: Interwiki, mambaiki kasalahan panulisan kata, mambari pasan salamat datang
  • Technical details: use pywikipedia

10 Januari 2012 00.42 (ICT)

Bot flag for WikitanvirBot[babak asal mulanya]

  • Operator : Wikitanvir
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s) : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary : Interwiki
  • Edit period(s) : Daily
  • Edit rate requested : 3/4 edits per minute at most
  • Already has a bot flag : Yes, flagged on 100+ Wikipedias. See here.
  • Function Details : Bot will patrol recent changes and new pages, and add, remove, or modify interwiki links in autonomous mode.

Already have done with 50+ test edits. Thanks in advance. — Tanvir • 01:55, 21 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

What is your python version? Xqt 14:42, 22 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
My Python version is 2.5.5. Sorry for answering in late. — Tanvir • 00:17, 30 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Bot flag granted per request here and on Meta. --Erwin 03:58, 10 Disimbir 2010 (ICT)

Bot policy[babak asal mulanya]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from Wikipidia:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in two weeks if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Xqt 22:21, 20 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)

  1. Hakun HakunKenrick95 18:19, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  2. Hakun HakunCarsrac 00:34, 28 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  3. Hakun Hakun — Tanvir • 16:04, 2 Disimbir 2010 (ICT)

Done. —Pathoschild 21:54:27, 21 Pibuari 2011 (UTC)

Request for sysop access[babak asal mulanya]

Ezagren[babak asal mulanya]

I would like to request for sysop access in this Banjar Wikipedia. I would like to improve on:

  • MediaWiki for Banjar Wikipedia
  • designing and protecting front page
  • increasing the edit keys
  • protecting vandalized articles

Thank you. --Ezagren bapandir 23:42, 26 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)

You "would like to improve"... I don't think so ; bjn.Wikipedia was not ready to leave Incubator (keywords were translated not in Banjar, but in Indonesian, see here) but it did : is it time "to improve on MediaWiki for Banjar Wikipedia" ?... Wp/bjn was approved by experts... I think that you want, as many others, own your Wikipedia, your Private Wikipedia, where you may revert and delete others' edits, protect your articles (all bjn articles are yours), and block other users, except a few friends (Amdf, who has a Gaul in Wp/mrj ?... That's what you want ? to be the Banjar Amdf ?). Your first edit as Administrateur ? "protect" (that is : "block") "Main Page" and its templates... --Budelberger 23:06, 31 Uktubir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (A good Wikipedia working well is a Wikipedia without any Administrateur.)
Handak ikam itu apa gerang? Ulun kada mangarti. Wikipidia ini ampun samunyaan urang. Ezagren bapandir 13:43, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Before requesting to own a Wikipedia (Oooops ! "sysop access"...), you have to learn some magic words, you and your clever friend Erik Anggara. --Budelberger 16:51, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg).
Oooops, sorry! I miss it. I know it. Ezagren bapandir 17:42, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
I'm very proud to have taught you how to use some magic words : I think in a few years, you'll be able to ask for owning your own Private Wikipedia, your so-called "sysop access". --Budelberger 19:06, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (Do you ask others before adding your "bjn" in Main Pages ?... No, of course ; but you don't like to have small languages in your own Private Property. For others to, Banjar language is a small language, but your racialist rules have not spread everywhere.) (You are right : removing "includeonly" pair in a template is not a "stupid edit" ; I give to you and your friend Anggara a Star.)
Ezagren doesn't like other languages, see here, but other languages must love its Banjar language, see here, etc. --Budelberger 19:02, 15 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg).
Instead I do not know, but "include" it only just missed from editing. Sometime I'll make Wikipidia:BintangWiki. Me and my friends have tried to make this Banjar Wikipedia, so it is okay if I volunteered to be sysop for Banjar Wikipedia become better and organized. I volunteered as a sysop is also on the advice of fellow users in Wikipedia. --Ezagren bapandir 20:19, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Banjar.Wp had to be well organized and written in Banjar -- not in Indonesian -- in Incubator, not here. What was not done in Incubator will be done here, with and by the same Dream Team ?... --Budelberger 21:38, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (You revert first, and don't think after reverting, missing some magic words meanwhile ; that's why you want "sysop access".)
Saya tidak mengerti jalan pikiran Anda. Sorry! --Ezagren bapandir 22:03, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

Hakun[babak asal mulanya]

  1. Hakun Hakun --J Subhi pamandiran 05:13, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  2. Hakun Hakun --Alamnirvanapamandiran 17:15, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  3. Hakun Hakun --Mimihitam 18:11, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  4. Hakun Hakun --Kenrick95 18:19, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  5. Hakun Hakun --BlackKnight 23:30, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  6. Hakun Hakun --39Agung 23:33, 27 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  7. Hakun Hakun --Carsrac 00:35, 28 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  8. Hakun Hakun --Alagos 02:44, 28 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  9. Hakun Hakun --M. Adiputra 19:27, 28 Uktubir 2010 (ICT)
  10. Hakun Hakun Xqt 23:20, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

Kada Hakun[babak asal mulanya]

Riemogerz[babak asal mulanya]

I would like to request for access to this Banjar sysop Wikipedia. I would like to Improve on:

  • protect some important pages
  • protecting vandalized articles
  • perform other sysop access

Thanks. :) RieMogerZ 28 Januari 2012 19.48 (ICT)

Hakun[babak asal mulanya]

Selamat, Anda sudah diangkat menjadi admin Wikipedia bahasa Banjar. Untuk sementara silakan baca (atau kalau bisa diterjemahkan) id:Wikipedia:Pedoman pengurus dan id:Wikipedia:Nasihat bagi pengurus baru. Dan kalau butuh mentoring tambahan untuk pengurus, kita bisa lakukan (hubungi saya di, atau Ezagren). Bennylin (pandir) 27 April 2012 21.31 (ICT)

Kada tahu[babak asal mulanya]

Manulak[babak asal mulanya]

Something strange[babak asal mulanya]

See here, here, here, here and here.

Budelberger 17:03, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg).

I think no matter. --Ezagren bapandir 20:12, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Where are Bennylin's and Gombang's creation/log ? --Budelberger 22:27, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg).
In another language wikipedia. Later they also will visit here. So, given a welcome. Ezagren bapandir 22:41, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
That is what is called a sockpuppet ! You're requesting for "sysop access" and you have already 2 sockpuppets !... --Budelberger 23:04, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT) (Flag of France.svg). (First, second.)
Hi, I'm not sure what you're asking here. Could you please explain? Bennylin 29 Januari 2012 15.31 (ICT)

translations request[babak asal mulanya]

I need your help translation bot comments to bjn. I list the tokens for en and id here:

   'en': (u'robot ', u'Adding', u'Removing', u'Modifying'),
   'id': (u'bot ', u'Menambah', u'Membuang', u'Mengubah'),
   'bjn': (u'bot ', u'Manambah', u'Mambuang', u'Ma'ubah'),
   'en': u'Robot: Fixing double redirect to %s',
   'id': u,
   'bjn': u'Robot: Pamasangan paugahan ganda ka %s',

This depend on all interwiki and redirect bots. Thanks in advance. Xqt 22:46, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

First part done in pyrev:8693. Thanks Xqt 23:18, 1 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Done in pyrev:8718 thanks. Xqt 03:24, 12 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

Spelling Issue[babak asal mulanya]

As a Banjarese, I'm very proud that we have our own Wikipedia. And I applaud the rare words that we use here ("Tungkaran tatambaian" izzit? That's pure genius. I wouldn't have thought of that word!). But there are some things that have been bugging me. I'm especially annoyed by the way we handle our spellings here. For a starter, why does everything has to be in Banjar Pahuluan spelling? Do we have to replace every "e" with "i" and every "o" with "u" just like that to make it sounds Banjar? The fact is, I'm a Banjar Pahuluan too and I've never said "Amirika" in my whole life. It has always been "Amérika" just the way it is. What about "Nupimbir" which is just bizarre. And while we're on the case, do we have to replace every "f" with "p" too? The Sundanese, Javanese, Filipinos, etc are prone to pronounce "f" as "p" too, but they don't change "Africa" to "Aprika" which is--in my humble opinion--quite ridiculous. There seems to be a belief that in order to find a Banjarese term all we have to do is destruct, rout, and crush an Indonesian word for it. I resent such belief. I believe that we can enrich our beloved language with new words while preserving our old terms, both in a dignified manner.Jiwa Matahari 16:55, 23 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)

(Bahasa Indonesia) Karena di WBB belum terbentuk komunitas seperti yang diharapkan sehingga yang bisa dilakukan adalah sharing kepada pengguna WBB aktif. Mengapa Anda baru muncul? Sungguh disayangkan sebagai kontributor incubator WBB. Untuk Aprika, Pilipina juga menggunakan kata Aprika. Tidak semua memakai Banjar Pahuluan, nama halaman ini pun pakai Banjar Kuala. --Ezagren bapandir 17:48, 23 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Salam, Saudara Ezagren. Iya, saya juga menyesal atas keterlambatan saya terlibat di dalam proyek ini. Anyway, saya berharap di Wikipedia ini kita masih bisa memakai ejaan selain ejaan Pahuluan (walaupun ulun gen Pahuluan jua). Jiwa Matahari 18:27, 23 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Bisa saja memakai memakai dialek Kuala, karena keduanya saling mengisi. Seperti nama halaman ini yang memakai dialek Kuala. Duh, kalau maubah pulang ka lainnya, butuh waktu lawas dan maulah uyuh. Ini haja masih balum ada nang diterjemahkan, semisal nama "Pengguna", "Pembicaraan Pengguna", "Kategori", "Bantuan" ke dalam bahasa Banjar. Penerjemahan bulan-bulan ngitu bapandal lawan pengucapan. Ulun kada kawa bapandir "f", "v", kecuali kalu handak mangaji. hihi --Ezagren bapandir 18:37, 23 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Hihihi, mauk jua pian ni. Mun pian kawa bepandér "f" mun pas lagi mengaji, artinya masalah kebiasaan aja to. Mun "v" tu lain pulang am urusannya, soalnya lawas dah huruf nang sebuting tu kada tepakay lagi di bahasa kita. Oke, Pahuluan atau Kuala dua-duanya boleh. Tapi sampai sejauh mana kita boleh memodifikasi istilah-istilah asing? Bukankah sebaiknya kita mempunyai batasan-batasan tertentu?
Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya berkunjung ke Museum KAA di Bandung, ternyata tulisan yang ada di museum itu "Konperensi Asia-Afrika" dan bukan "konferensi" seperti yang saya kira. Saya tanya sama petugasnya, ternyata "konperensi" memang sesuai dengan kaidah bahasa saat itu. Tapi "Afrika" tetap tidak diubah menjadi "Aprika" pada masa itu, kemungkinan karena itu nama tempat. Dari contoh tersebut, bisa tidak kalau kita punya kebijakan untuk beberapa istilah (yang menyangkut nama orang atau nama tempat, misalnya) kita tetap menulis secara fonetik? Soalnya agak ganjil juga kalau kita harus menulis "Surgi Mupti" padahal "Surgi Mufti" sendiri adalah nama kelurahan di Banjarmasin. Terus apakah kita harus menulis "Ratu Jaliha" untuk Ratu Zaléha padahal beliau pahlawan dari Kalimantan Selatan? (Ya, saya akui bahwa saya memang masih terganggu dengan Aprika dan Amirika).Jiwa Matahari 10:03, 24 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Jaka pian handak maubah ngaran banua basar nangitu, ulun hakun haja. Tagal kada tahu amun lawan J Subhi wan Alanirvana. Mungkin kaina pian ulah halaman pasal Tata Bahasa Banjar wan penerapannya pada artikal. --Ezagren bapandir 13:09, 24 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Tagal kayapa yo, Ezagren. Ulun ni hitungannya hanyar kalo di sini nih? Asa kada pantas mengganti nang sudah ada. Kesannya tu dalap lalu, héhéhé... Untuk sementara sih saya cuma bisa memberi saran, untuk tindak lanjutnya saya serahkan kepada kalian saja :) Jiwa Matahari 13:37, 24 Nupimbir 2010 (ICT)
Umpat bapadér jua nah, masalah panulisan ngaran halaman, ngaran daerah atawa ngaran urang, dipanulisan pamulaan/tatambaian sabaiknya ditulis nang sebujurnya, salanjutnya ditulis sasuai aksen bahasa banjar kada masalah. kami mangarti haja amun maubah nang sudah ditulis parlu waktu. disini kami mausul gasan panulisan nang akan datang. ulun cuba manulis halaman kaya disini ngaran daerah lawan pangucapannya, kira-kira kaya ini nang ulun usulakan. Fani 30px 23:55, 7 Agustus 2011 (ICT)

Banjar is missing[babak asal mulanya]

Banjar is missing from this page:
More than 100 languages are now listed.
Thank you, Varlaam (pandir) 1 Pibuari 2016 11.56 (ICT)